The Painting Process – Kitchens

Minimal Disruption with the most Environmentally Friendly paint system.

Less Dust. Superior Finish.

Sample Kitchen Respray Process.

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Tools we use:

  • Mirka sanding machines with vacuum dust extraction.
  • Graco 9.5 HVLP Spray unit giving a flawless finish.

On Site

Upon arrival we begin removing all doors and drawers ready for transport to our workshop.

The remaining units we wash down with specialist cleaner, prepare and carry out any minor surface repairs.

1st coat of Primer Sealer paint is applied; this is usually tinted very close to your chosen finish colour

Depending on the size of your kitchen we may even get a second coat of primer sealer on your units on the first day.

The modern paints we use are fully dry to the touch in 1 hour and are virtually odourless. 

You can now use your Kitchen as normal while we concentrate on doors and drawers off site.

Off Site

Back at our workshop the doors and drawers receive the same treatment with our modern spray equipment.

2 coats of Primer Sealer

followed by

3 coats of Finish in Matt, Eggshell, Satin or Gloss.

Final Stage

When we visit your home to re-fit the finished doors and drawers we apply the finish paint to your units.

Colours available are any colour – yes any colour!

We use and highly recommend Benjamin Moore Advance range and Benjamin Moore Scuff-X range of paints, which are very hard wearing.

Get Colour Inspired with Benjamin Moore  (Link opens in new Tab)